Born in Amsterdam. Blond Dutch mother. Dark Croatian Father. My earliest childhood memories consist of vivd images of all the MTV music videos that kept me glued to the television from the age of 3. I also would listen to The Beatles for hours using my dad's awesome leather headphones. Every song is still accompanied with a full visual movie made up in my mind as a kid and probably will never leave my brain ever again. 

Puberty hit hand in hand with a ton of pains and insecurities and I was given the perfect tools to survive this, to me, pretty horrible period; a bass guitar and the lead part in the Sam Shepard play 'A lie of the mind' . Doing this play made me realize I needed to act. I loved losing myself completely in the other character. It made me a happier and stronger person, and instinctively I chose this profession unconditionally. 

I studied acting and singing at the prestigious Theatre School in Amsterdam, and was given a grant to continue my studies at 'Stella Adler School of Acting' in New York. Here, I fell in love with New York, and Shakespeare in English. This is also where I decided to focus on an international acting career using as many languages and accents as possible. After moving back to the Netherlands I had the opportunity to play several beautiful roles in Dutch, English and Dutch with several accents, one of which lead to a 'Gouden Kalf nomination' ( Dutch Oscar ) for best supporting actress in 2012.

I always continued improving my acting skills by studying with Ivana Chubbuck, but I knew that to really liberate myself as an artist I needed to sing. I co-wrote 11 songs with the amazing Merlijn Verboom from Isophone, and became part of the band of Ethiopian star Minyeshu, and the band The B-movie Orchestra. At the moment I am in the process of creating the best form, band and sound for these songs so I can share them with the world. 

People always ask what I love most, acting or singing. I will never have to choose between acting and singing. I find it a silly and narrow minded idea. I believe the two stimulate, support and enhance each other. 

This past year I also was part of two international film project. This confirmed the direction I want to go with my film work. International, inspiring film projects with great people and great travel. I really feel surrounded with people that help me grow as an artist and want to create and invironment of risk taking, fearlessness, passion and vulnerability in my work and more importantly, as a human being. 

I am looking forward to the future, unfolding NOW....